Park Street offers an experience-based education that helps students learn, socialize and develop while earning a valuable education from best-in-class teachers. We take a progressive approach to learning, with small class sizes, an integrated experiential curriculum and an emphasis on tailoring our approach to every individual student. Our structured, remote learning environment provides curriculum designed to keep students engaged while helping them experience the world in which they are living with all its wonders and challenges. We are committed to accessibility and strive to remove all barriers to children’s education – so no student is ever left behind.

Our educators care for each student just as much as their parents do and work closely with parents to learn how to best engage and teach each child. For parents, Park Street provides the confidence and educational certainty designed to allow students to engage in the curriculum with their peers, allowing our parents to maintain a healthy work/school/life balance during the school day.

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Full-Time Studies (Grade 4-10)

Full-Time Studies
(Grade 4-10)

Students study from wherever they’d like as part of Park Street’s full-time G4-10 studies. Through live online instruction enhanced by in-person and at-home experiential learning activities, our students are highly engaged with the curriculum, their teachers and their peers. Our integrated experiential curriculum follows all Ministry of Education Ontario guidelines and is taught by OCT certified (or equivalent) educators.

Supplemental Studies


Students also have the option of attending individual high school courses or elementary supplemental classes, to either enrich their in-class experience, get ahead in their studies, or further pursue a subject of interest. Every course is designed to make room for social interactions between students so they can explore their passions while building new friendships.


Custom learning pod solutions curated for your group with the help of subject-specialist teachers connected to a ministry certified school.

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